Documentary Alkemade International - Klaver Lily cooperation

9 October 2020

In this short documentary you'll get an impression of the close cooperation between the companies Alkemade International and Klaver Lily, a Dutch grower who also grows Gypsophila in Ethopia. 

Alkemade and JP Hogewoning intensify cooperation

18 September 2020

As of October 1, the companies Alkemade International and J.P. Hogewoning are commissioning a new processing space in Aalsmeer. Both companies have been working together for more than 20 years. Because the market is developing rapidly and cooperation intensifies, a joint extension seemed the logical next step.

SandPro Growers new at Alkemade International

5 augustus 2019

Since a couple of months ago, a new grower from Kenya: SandPro Growers is offering its line of products at the major Dutch auctions. Unpacked and processed for auction by Alkemade International, the crop consisting of Gypsophila Xlence, Trachelium, Asclepia and Delphinium has been well received by buyers.

Specialties in the spotlights at Alkemade International

21 november 2018

Alkemade International is an import company based in Aalsmeer which has been active for over twenty years. Since then the company has established long-term and lasting relationships with growers from Africa, South America and Europe. They are always looking for long-lasting relationships and new products, like these next three growers, who all are related to Alkemade for about two years.

NL: Alkemade extends product range with assortment from South African growers Zuluflora and Arnelia

19 oktober 2018

Since this year the flowers from South African growers Zuluflora and Arnelia are unpacked and processed exclusively at Alkemade International. The products of these growers, like Waxflower and Nutans, are very popular and highly in demand. The season, which is now coming to an end, has been very successful, both in terms of product quality as well as in pricing.

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